How do I make an anonymous donation?

We do not accept anonymous donations.

What happens with the personal data I enter to make the donation?



We enforce a strict data protection policy and will never give nor sell any information regarding our donors to third parties.


Can I get a refund after making a donation?

Once a donation has been confirmed and completed, a refund or cancellation is not possible

What happens with my donation?

Once you have finalized and confirmed your donation online, your donation will be wired to our bank account. Your donation will contribute towards our programme and administrative costs. You will get an acknowledgment of your donation within a few mins after completion.

Will I get tax exemptions on my donations, and by when?

Yes,BaniMandir has certificates for tax exemptions under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. All donations are 50% exempt from tax under Section 80G and are applicable only for donations made within India. We will send an 80G certificate to the registered  email address after successful completion of donation 

Can foreign nationals donate online?

Foreign nationals cannot donate online as of now. However, International donors will be able to contribute as soon as our PayPal Payment Gateway goes live


How can I donate to BaniMandir?

Donations to Bani Mandir can be made both online and offline. You can donate online by credit card, debit card or Netbanking using our secure donation page. To donate offline, please write at mail@banimandir.in.

Will I receive a fund utilization report for my donation?

Since donations are pooled together and may be used for any program, online donors do not receive a fund utilization report. However, you may review our Report Section for program information and financial statements.

How do I contact Bani Mandir regarding my donation?

For more details or any further assistance, please email mail@banimandir.in. You can also visit us at our campus.

Will an individual’s small contribution help?

Every contribution, irrespective of its size, is important and goes a long way towards enabling Bani Mandir to implement its programmes. You are welcome to contribute according to your capacity and help us reach out to more beneficiaries.
However, we urge you to avoid making a donation of less than $8.